Comment Policy

I look forward to comments and I love to interact with people – particularly if it’s to talk about writing. Having said that, I have some very loose rules for comments:

  • This blog isn’t meant to be political, though I can occasionally be a political person. So sometimes, this blog might be political. Disagreeing with me is fine, but there is a line where the productivity of a disagreement ends. For example, if you try to sell me on the idea that people should live their lives by the bible, I’m not buying. You won’t convince me, I likely won’t convince you you’re wrong, and we’ll both be better off with you finding a different blog to read. Don’t get me wrong, we can debate it as long as it’s fun – but when it’s not fun, let’s stop.
  • I’m not okay with name-calling, slurs, givin’ the bidness, or any other form of shenanigans. Pleasant discussion, hijinks,¬†hilarious ribbing, and well-crafted snark are welcome. Mean people are not.
  • I am truly sorry if I don’t publish your comment. Believe me, I consider them all. I just won’t post them all. Sorry.

I think that’s about it, though I’ll likely revise this list in the future.

Play nice, everyone.


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